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Welcome to Bay Area Scientific Instruments and Consumables (BASIC). Our PCR plates fit virtually all PCR, QPCR, RTPCR thermal cyclers and DNA sequencers. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, at Basic, we focus on providing products for the bio-rad, life science, research and DNA sequencing businesses. We provide Heat Sealers, Tube Markers, Microplates, PCR Tubes, Tube Strips, Adhesive Seals, Deep Well Storage Plates and Assay Plates.

BASIC sells:

ABgene was purchased by Appigent and Appigent was purchased by Thermo-Fisher. The original four owners of ABgene started a new company named 4titude® and Bay Area Scientific Instruments and Consumables (BASIC) is a USA distributor.

Products include 4titude® automatic and semi-automatic heat sealers, bar coding linear and 2D matrix codes, tube markers, custom injection blow moulding for diagnostic kits and medical device manufacturing, assay plates, ethylene oxide treated plates for crime lab forensic applications, tissue and cell cultures, storage and cell screening plates/tubes, molecular biology, molecular diagnostics, DNA sequencing, low DNA binding, 4LAB pipetting and liquid handling instrumentation, sample preparation, Random Access plates (individual removable wells), plates readers for Absorbance, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Framestar® Break-A-Way 96 Well PCR/qPCR plates, Framestar® Break-2-Way in 8 and 12 strips, 96 & 384 Well PCR/qPCR plates, Roche 480 Light Cyclers, ABI fast and upstand compatible plates, Thermo Cyclers – compatibility with FrameStar® plates, white, clear or frosted well plates for PCR/qPCR, low profile PP plates, 0.1ml volume wells, FrameStrips (8 well PCR tube strips), Heat and adhesive plate sealing solutions (sheets and rolls) for PCR/QPCR plates peelable, pierceable, gas permeable, temperature stability, and solvent resistance, sealing with caps, film, silicone mates and lids. Robotics and automation. 4titude (formerly ABgene and now Brooks Life Science).

Ask about our local California No Obligation inventory stocking program for “just in time” delivery and reduced lead time ARO.

4titude logoBASIC SCIENTIFIC, located in the Bay Area of California, is an official representative of 4titude® Consumables. Please check out our PRODUCTS PAGE for part numbers.

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FrameStar® PCR plates are covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents or their foreign counterparts, owned by Eppendorf AG: US patent Nos. 7,347,977 and 6,340,589

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