Welcome to Bay Area Scientific Instruments and Consumables (BASIC). Our PCR plates fit virtually all PCR, QPCR, RTPCR thermal cyclers and DNA sequencers.

BASIC sells:

  • PCR, QPCR, RTPCR plates
  • Plates for DNA sequencing
  • FrameStar® hard shell plates for robotics
  • Hard shell plates for the Roche LC480 light cycler in 96 and 384 well configurations
  • Vision Plates for high-content screening for cell culture and cell-based assays
  • Thermal and adhesive seals in sheets or rolls
  • Thermal heat sealers – 4S3 semi-automatic, A4S automatic robotic friendly
  • Deep Well Storage Plates
  • Framestrips
  • Bar Coding
  • Breakaway Plates
  • Tear Away Plates – 8 well strips and 12 well strips now available
  • Custom Adhesive & Heat Seals

ABgene was purchased by Appigent and Appigent was purchased by Thermo-Fisher. The original four owners of ABgene started a new company named 4titude and Bay Area Scientific Instruments and Consumables (BASIC) is a USA distributor.

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FrameStar® PCR plates are covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents or their foreign counterparts, owned by Eppendorf AG: US patent Nos. 7,347,977 and 6,340,589

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