Bar Coding 2022/23

Bar CodingFrameStar® PCR plates are covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents or their foreign counterparts, owned by Eppendorf AG: US patent Nos. 7,347,977 and 6,340,589


Product Code Product Name Product Marketing Description 2022/23 List
4ti-003 CUSTOM LINEAR BARCODE LABELS,ROLL Custom Linear Barcode Labels, roll 221.00
4ti-004 STANDARD LINEAR BARCODE LABELS,ROLL Standard Linear Barcode Labels, roll 186.50
4ti-005 BARCODE APPLIED TO PLATE,DOUBLE,CHARGE PER PLATE Barcode Applied to Plate, double, surcharge per plate 1.00
4ti-006 BARCODE APPLIED TO PLATE,SINGLE,CHARGE PER PLATE Barcode Applied to Plate, single, surcharge per plate 0.55
4ti-007 BC SET-UP CHARGE,FOR ORDERS <500,CHARGE PER ORDER Barcode Set-up Charge, for orders below 500 plates, surcharge per order 677.50
4ti-008 BARCODE APPLIED TO PLATE,TRIPLE,CHARGE PER PLATE Barcode Applied to Plate, triple, surcharge per plate 1.25
4ti-009 2D CODE ON FRAMESTAR BREAK-A-WAY PLATE 2D Code applied to vertically breakable FrameStar plates 51.50
4ti-4060 (DSC,NO REPLACEMENT)HAND HELD BARCODE SCANNER Hand Held Barcode Scanner 672.00

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